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The Cornerstone Group?

“We are apprentices of success.” – Founder John Kight

The Cornerstone Group

We wake up every day wanting to get better.

When John and Kim Kight founded The Cornerstone Group, they “… never planned to build a company. Our heart was to build people.”

And as it turned out, that was the winning strategy that made everything work.

Who is JOHN KIGHT? Get to know our founder and his family.

John Kight is Founder and CEO of The Cornerstone Group. He used to want to be a professional golfer, but a crucial pivot came when John wondered what kind of a future would be possible decades down the road. At the same time he was shown a business model that would change the course of his life: financial wellness.

The Cornerstone Group
The Cornerstone Group

A Visionary New Career

When faced with the tall task of restarting his career, John relied on his long-time relationship and trust with industry leader, Barry Clarkson. John joined Equis Financial, an Integrity partner, which proved to be a wise choice. It was the catalyst for building this agency that protects thousands of lives.

The Integrity Effect

John’s dream is to use the incredible platform at Integrity to assist goal-driven agents and employees who would do anything to look in the mirror and see someone who is making a difference in the world!

John lives in Wake Forest, North Carolina, with his wife, Kim, who is also a Founder of The Cornerstone Group and his biggest supporter. Together, they are the proud parents of Emily Claire, John Kight II and their new pup, Gracie Belle.

The Cornerstone Group

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John Kight
Owner, CEO, National Manager Director
Kim Kight
Account Director


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